January 1, 2020: New year new you

Don't project your little problem on me, just because I noticed the angle of the spinning of the Earth
And happened to mention it.

My project isn't one that gives up
My project is repeating
My project doesn't shut the fuck up, ever.

Isn't it accurate that the accepted metric for the disappearance of insects, caused by the manufacture and use of chemical herbicides and insecticides
Among other means to poison probably
For someone's convenience but not the one who touches those plants for work or pleasure
Is "I used to kill more bugs on the windshield of my car, especially in the evening? I used to see great clouds of insects in my headlights at night, right before I smashed into their segmented bodies? Their exoskeletons were never a match for my trajectory, which is the measure of me."

Isn't that accurate?
I love it when we tell the truth.