September 9, 2020: Long distance fire opinions framed as solidarity would be acceptable to me

8:34 AM i had become accustomed to the sunrise

8:55 AM i heard the nufrank before i saw the sky so i thought things were as yesterday, alas my bird friend is simply out there in deep orange city squawking a little. glad he knew it was time somehow

9:04 AM we're all thinking the same thing but we're not allowed to say it

9:40 AM your california friends are experiencing the life of the spleen at present [photo]

9:50 AM good morning from san francisco [photo]

9:55 AM what does gavin have to say for himself this morning lol

10:14 AM (that was 9:47a)

10:44 AM don't get too excited it's not railing fatty it's the other enormous gray cat [photo] [photo]

11:06 AM railing fatty [photo]

11:28 AM it's not fire season it's thinking unspeakable thoughts season

12:33 PM did bob woodward sit on climate change for a few months so he could get the scoop in his book or what

12:33 PM i would rather be in california than somewhere else pretending (12:33 p.m.) [photo]

12:39 PM [photo] [photo]

2:31 PM on the plus side i can see my neighbors' indoor daytime activities for once!

2:59 PM everyone likes an animal creeper but no one likes a human one. well i guess i was just kidding then

5:06 PM ah, the mighty pacific [photo]

5:22 PM illegally torn-down neutra house update [photo]

5:46 PM woodward's been a dumb bitch forever! since when do we concern ourselves with boomer faves lol

9:15 PM to me solidarity with children birds and california would be everyone of all ages in the streets (good excuses only)

9:18 PM not sure how much long distance fire opinions i can take in over the next while without something like all the people in the streets